'Sketch' at Arup Associates

As part of the exhibition SKETCH, Peter Ayres of Beep Studio joined Mick Brundle (former Director of Arup Associates) and David Horgan for a happy (read: wine powered) judging session at Arup Associates.

To keep the competition lively, prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Detail and Technical
  • Expression and Story Telling  

The wide range of styles on display made the judging process extremely difficult.
After we had all selected a handful of favourites (and a handful of peanuts) we pooled our resources, downed our wine, and hammered out our thoughts.

And the winners are...


Architectural control and freewheeling fantasy combine in this fantastic cityscape
Metropolis by Vinicius De Siqueira 
First Prize - Imagination and Creativity

Midland Goods Shed - gable (2013).jpg

Complexity rendered with clarity in Thomas Pearson's drawing ‘Midland Goods Shed - Gable Façade 2013’, worthy winner of the 'Detail and Technical' category.


Exuberant risk taking meets...um... restraint... in this stimulating drawing from Ruth Huntington, winner in the Expression and Storytelling category.

For an in-depth write up on the event, with a wider discussion of drawing, see David Horgan's excellent post on LinkedIn. Thanks to Arup Associates for the invitation!