Unit 2 KSA student Rosie Seaman wins RIBA portfolio award and Head of School's Award

Special congratulations go to Rosie Seaman for winning RIBA portfolio and Head of School prizes!

Rosie Seaman was presented with two awards at the opening of the KSA summer show.

Firstly, the RIBA awarded her a prize for her portfolio. This award looks at the sum total of work produced over the course of the year, and since Rosie's project is the product of thorough and thoughtful analysis and development, she was a worthy winner. We're delighted that her hard work and dedication to the project has been rewarded by RIBA.

Head of School Don Gray then awarded her a special 'Head of School prize' for her dedication to the life of the school. On top of time spent working in the studio space, Rosie was instrumental in bringing together the exhibition,  organising the physical space and in compiling the catalogue.

Rosie receiving her prizes from KSA Head of School Don Gray

Rosie receiving her prizes from KSA Head of School Don Gray

Rosie goes on with the support of KSA as a contender for the RIBA silver award.

It was a pleasure to tutor Rosie, and we wish her the best of luck!

Rosie's description of her project follows:
Climatic Actuators: Boundaries and Warnings

Can one exploit the conditions that physically and perceptually shape the landscape in order to augment architecture?

Anchored to shipwrecks in Lyme Bay, disparate storm refuges aim to enhance the relationship between the ocean and its boundaries: the sea floor, the land, and the atmosphere. Responsive to specific weather conditions climatic actuators endeavour to protect the marine traffic, whilst markers translate the form of the wreck as ghosts; both defensive and symbolic of the disaster.

Rosie Seaman KSA Unit 2