A wall mounted sculpture for the public realm

‘Spindrift’ is a wall mounted sculpture designed and fabricated by Beep Studio, and installed at the entrance to Havelock Walk, Forest Hill. 

The complex, lively installation developed through a series of hand drawings, computer models, and large scale physical prototypes. 
A total of 70 pieces of acrylic are cut into four basic shapes. The design’s underlying geometry is crystalline, allowing infinite variety from a set of basic construction units. with colourful decoration enhancing the form, providing contrast and harmony. Colours track around the pieces, drawing the eye around the sculpture.

The sculpture was installed by a team of people, all of whom live or work on the mews.
Our thanks go out to all of them, especially Steve, Jody, Lauren, Colin, Tom and Andy.

Two alternative configurations of the system are shown in the visuals below.