'SEE3' Community Regeneration Group

Improving local high streets with goverment funding.


The 2011 Portas Review into the future of UK high streets looked at breathing economic and community life into high streets and town centres by helping businesses to flourish through carefully planned interventions.

Beep Studio was instrumental in winning more than £200,000 in government backed 'Portas Pilot' funding for the South East London neighbourhoods of Forest Hill, Sydenham and Kirkdale. The Studio wrote the business plan for Community Regeneration Group ‘SEE3’, which was founded using of the funding. This organisation brings together business owners, residents, and local authority members to improve the local retail environment.

The scheme makes imaginative re-use of empty premises to create new businesses, foster existing business and add to the vibrancy of the street. Phase 1 of the project completed in May 2014, and successfully demonstrated how small interventions can enhance a community, stimulate spin-off projects and improve the look and feel of local streets.


Read more about the project here.

The short film below, produced to support the bid, features Beep Studio director Ed Holloway in the role of presenter.