Forest Hill Vision

Place-making workshop aimed at improving Forest Hill town centre.

•This one-day workshop harnessed the analytical and creative skills of the local community, supported by local architects, urban designers, landscape architects and similar professionals along with civic leaders and traders. 

As a founding member of local regeneration group SEE3, Beep Studio's Ed Holloway initiated the workshop, with Hillary Satchwell representing the Forest Hill Society. The workshop received support from the Greater London Authority's Outer London Fund

The workshop entailed:
• Short introductions to the project
• Site visits to identify key issues
• Four creative groups over four zones
• Feedback of ideas to the local community
• Review of overall vision and next steps

The sites and areas under examination included:
• Station forecourt & surrounding area
• Perry Vale and related sites
• Connections between Forest Hill & Sydenham
• Dartmouth Road & pocket park opportunities

The workshop aimed to:
• Encourage place-making projects
• Stimulate regeneration projects
• Augment future funding applications
• Inform Local Plan policy guidance

Beep Studio collated the results of the day in a summary document, which was circulated to interested parties.

Forest Hill Vision
Urban Design Workshop, 2015
Forest Hill, London SE23