London Bridge Culture Strategy

A graphic identity for London Bridge culture.


The newly produced London Bridge Culture Strategy is a document aiming to shift perceptions of London Bridge as a destination to go to rather than through.

It seeks to make London Bridge a destination for all to experience one of the most creative and culturally rich cities in the world.

It invites businesses, creatives and developers to participate in shaping the future of culture in the area. 

By 2025, the London Bridge Culture Stragegy will:

  • Increase visitors to the area to 15,000,000 - an increase of 50%

  • Bring £100,000,000 additional revenue to the area

  • Increase dwell time by over 100%

Beep Studio was invited to design a striking cover for this important document.
The brief: To represent the many faces of London Bridge with a creative, memorable, and high quality graphic treatment.

Our first challenge was how to showcase the full cultural diversity of London Bridge. Photographs of the riverfront, whilst beautiful, are dominated by large office buildings, which are only one part of the story. A photo showing only one cultural event would be equally unrepresentative. To solve this, the Studio assembled a colourful collage of images representing the many landmarks, attractions, and cultural activities taking place in the area.

The second challenge was how to make a punchy graphic from these ingredients. Our answer was to frame the collage behind a two layer, laser cut grid. As you open the book, the words LONDON BRIDGE dissolve into abstract shapes and images.


Bound within the document, the ‘Culture Delivery Plan’ provides more detail and serves as an instruction manual for the Strategy. This is printed in a single colour on a heavy recycled paper, with the striking cut typography from the cover replicated in monochrome.

The Culture Delivery Plan, nested within the document.

The Culture Delivery Plan, nested within the document.

The Culture Strategy was written by Team London Bridge, with graphic design by Hudson Fuggle.

Team London Bridge is a ‘Business Improvement District’, launched in 2006. It now represents over 400 business members in the London Bridge area including PwC, EY, the GLA, Southwark Council, News UK, Red Bull, Imperial War Museum, and Network Rail.

Singers at the launch event for the London Bridge Cultural Strategy

Singers at the launch event for the London Bridge Cultural Strategy

Culture is an essential ingredient for our cities. As well as generating tourism and boosting the economy, culture brings us together and helps define the places we love. Having great transport and efficient roads alone isn’t enough - cities also need a soul, so threading culture through all aspects of city life is key. Team London Bridge’s culture strategy brings businesses and cultural organisations together, to make sure London Bridge thrives as a vital part of our capital.
— Justine Simons OBE, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries, Mayor of London