Treehouse Hideaway

A sustainable treehouse retreat deep in the Kent countryside



This project reflects one couple’s dream to create a unique weekend hideaway, and stems from a desire to share their love of country tree-house retreats with others. The clients asked Beep Studio to explore concept designs and development potential for a sustainable ‘agro-tourism’ business offering short-term holiday lets to tourists wishing to connect with nature. 



As guests enter the site, each step takes them deeper into a secluded zone of their own, with design features at threshold points heightening the sense of exploration and discovery. In the garden, these include a teahouse, hot tub, pergolas, terraces, and gateways. In the woodland; platforms, walkways, bird-watching hides, staircases, a fire pit, and artworks.

The guest house itself is a ‘Woodland Observatory’ – a place from which to watch birds, insects, nocturnal animals, stars, trees and woodland plants.
ensitive to the needs of the site, the building is divided in two, with a kitchen and bathroom within the domestic space of the garden, and a bedroom treehouse nestled in the wild tree canopy.

Site panorama

Site panorama