Developing and delivering educational products for engineers and architects




Beep Studio has been working with innovative engineering educators ‘ThinkUp’ since 2013. Together, they have developed a variety of educational products and workshops for school children, university students, engineering and architecture professionals.

At The Big Rig (above) teams of trainee plumbers and electricians from competing colleges raced to install a zero carbon hairdressing salon in a day. At a later event, the same system was used to train nuclear engineers in the safe operation of a nuclear reactor.


For the Global Grand Challenge, Beep Studio worked with a group of the best engineering students from accross the UK to explore creative techniques for ideation and concept development as preparation for the international event in China. Working in teams, students were encouraged to challenge their preconceptions, embrace sideways thinking, develop and present ideas confidently. 


thinkup at the table.jpeg

‘ThinkUp in the Woods’ took the Studio to Hazel Hill, a conservation centre in Somerset, helping the ThinkUp team test a new professional training course on affiliates from the Useful Simple Trust. Feedback provided by the Studio is being used to improve the course to market.


 The Studio is currently preparing to help ThinkUp run ‘sim projects’ as part of the Graduate Development Programme of a major London client.