Diagramming: Time, Space, Object

Creativity workshops for design professionals, in partnership with ‘Drawing at Work’. 


Justin Nicholls

Justin Nicholls

Drawing is an incredible tool for exploring ideas. Unlike linear media such as writing and video, drawing allows us to look at a subject in a non-linear way, stepping outside usual constraints to see things afresh. Creative drawing workshops unlock mental barriers by focusing on effective communication through drawing. 

To enable free thinking, each workshop is carefully structured, with quick prescriptive tasks establishing a 'flow' state of mind, before longer, self guided exercises where the imagination can take over. Since each workshop is aimed at producing ideas rather than 'beautiful' drawings, individuals of all abilities can succeed in producing insightful, surprising, personal pieces. 

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Courses developed and led by the Studio include: 

  • Graphic Communication
  • Narrative Drawing
  • Exploded Drawing
  • Imploded Drawing
  • Design Process Thinking

Feedback on the courses has been hugely enthusiastic, with participants enjoying the opportunity for creative exploration through drawing.

Beep Clients through Drawing At Work include: 

  • Arup Associates
  • Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
  • Allies and Morrison
  • Architectural Association  
  • Fletcher Priest
  • Gensler
  • MAKE
  • Stanton Williams
  • Studio Egret West
  • Weston Williamson + Partners