Design Ventura

Supporting young designers through bespoke masterclasses at the Design Museum


Photos above ©Miles Willis/Design Museum

'Design Ventura' is a National competition run by the Design Museum for UK state secondary schools. Teams compete to design a product, finalists pitch their projects to an expert panel, and the winning idea is manufactured and sold in the Museum shop. This year's project culminated in a special ‘celebration day’ for 10 selected teams of students from across the country. 

The Design Museum invited Beep Studio to run a masterclass on 'Design Through Drawing' at this special celebratory event. 


The masterclass highlighted the thinking processes used by designers, with drawing skills used to communicate complex ideas with clarity and punch. Working in teams, students produced drawings which tell the future story of how their projects will emerge into the wider world. As the drawings developed, chunks of information converge and are connected together to make unified, large scale diagrams which fill the wall with information.

Brilliant communication skills and a willingness to work to a plan and build on one another's ideas meant teams work together with fluidity and ease. We were hugely impressed with the maturity and imagination the teams showed, as displayed in the bursting creativity of the finished drawings. Feedback from students and teachers was extremely positive, and several teachers said they will use the techniques of the workshop with their other pupils.

Special mention goes to:

  • The team that showed their product being broadcast on live TV
  • The team who invented a consumer "In London on business from Tanzania and buying a present for their 4 year old"
  • The caricatures of Greg Wallace and Gordon Ramsay
  • Everyone who helped on the day - teachers, parents, volunteers, and Design Museum staff.

Find out more Design Ventura - including details on how your school can participate - here


Beep Studio returned to the Design Museum for the Design Ventura Summit - a one-day event bringing Design Ventura project stakeholders together to look at the problems and solutions within design education in schools. At the Studio's break-out session, where attendees used drawing techniques to identify the overlaps between their highly diverse areas of expertise. A lineup of top speakers examined the current and future state of design education, and as we listened we drew. Visual minutes are a fun way of capturing information, and we enjoyed drawing them.