ZONE shade

An innovative twist on the classic ‘paper moon’.

Photo: Jon Aaron Green Styling: Hannah Cork

Photo: Jon Aaron Green Styling: Hannah Cork

The ZONE shade is hand made from two pieces of flat material, interwoven to produce a globe of light.

This fresh interpretation of the ubiquitous paper globe springs from an articulated sheet form, and bridges the gap between contemporary computer aided technological production and crafted forms of the past.
The textured, hand formed nature of the shade allows it to glow with a soft intensity, revealing subtle variations within pure geometry.

Two distinct scales are available; The Zone 12 shade, suiting an intimate domestic use as a table lamp or a minimal pendant, and the larger Zone 15 pendant with an accentuated ‘drop’ form.

The Zone shade is available in two standard sizes: Zone 12 and Zone 15.

Zone 12

Zone 12



225mm diameter x 150mm high

This version of the Zone shade suits an intimate domestic use as a table lamp or intimae pendant.
It is available as a flat-pack for self assembly, or preassembled for instant use.
The shade is designed for a low energy E14 bulb, and is compatible with most standard lamp bases.

Zone - L

Zone - L



400mm diameter x 225mm high

The Zone 15 is designed to work as a pendant lamp, suitable for a domestic living or dining rooms.
The shade is supplied assembled and ready to install.

Larger bespoke sizes are available on request.


The Zone shade’s name comes from its underlying geometry; a highly symmetrical, faceted polyhedron called a ‘Zonohedron’.
An early prototype of this shade appeared at 100% Design at Earl’s Court, with large-scale versions installed at the in-show restaurant.

Further information

Technical informaion is available here.
For larger environments, we recommend the ‘Halo’ chandelier.